Giving Back

On Cloud Canine wholeheartedly supports animal rescue and adoption which is why a portion of every sale is donated to a non-profit animal organization. We know there are many deserving organizations so we will be switching up our support over time. To kick off our giving back campaign, we are supporting Cuddly Canines Rescue, which is an organization that is near and dear to our hearts.

The photo on Wally's rescue page that stole our hearts - 2013

We adopted our dog Wally from Cuddly Canines in September 2013. Without the intervention of this amazing organization, Wally would likely never have been born. His mama was pregnant with him and his two siblings and thrown into a high kill animal shelter (horrifying!). Fortunately, Cuddly Canines came to the rescue and saved his scared mama and Wally was born into a loving foster family. Eight weeks later, we picked him up and brought him to his forever home. Wally fills our lives with so much joy and unconditional love and we can't imagine not having him in our family!

Making our happy family official! - 2015
PC: Amy Theilig Photographic